July 5, 2024 Welcome to my new home! Please do not mind the mess as I migrate my old posts to my new site. I am in the process of moving everything and trying to get all of the old April 18, 2024 Diplomacy in the Classroom Diplomacy is a game for children. No seriously, it is a game that should be played with children. I have found very few greater joys in my teaching April 7, 2024 A simple mechanic can say a lot about a game. WPGs I’ve taken a bit of time off from RPGs recently. Not playing, I’ve actually been playing more than usual. In my school game with students I’m using November 22, 2023 A Spectacle Preview Disclaimer: I was provided a preview copy of the supplement, it was not fully finalized and details from this article may change based on editing, November 18, 2023 An FKR Resurgence Post TLDR: Go check out the links to the great games others have made below that are so simple anyone can play them, and if you don’t believe me give it October 8, 2023 Olde School Gaming, Mydwandr Image by Olaus Magnus I recently discovered that Olde House Rules had released a new book. This reminded me that I love their rules. The publishing September 16, 2023 Rulings vs Rules. FKR meets OSR. A reflection on My referee style Photo by Amanda Haller There is always talk about rulings vs rules in the OSR world of gaming. I want to get my thoughts out about it. No really, July 30, 2023 Play(test)ing in Space I have been lucky enough to find myself in a Space Opera sandbox world. The creator of this world is Adam Station, half of Stations. I have been so July 18, 2023 Cosmic Horror, Cthulhu Dark Just Does it Better NOTE: I take problem with Lovecraft’s outlook on humans (in case you didn’t know he was a racist/fascist) and as such I am left wanting to enjoy the July 9, 2023 Table Engagement or Engaging with your Players Marginal Halfling Note: The following information should work at a virtual table just as well as an in person table. Please know that I mostly refer June 28, 2023 Solo Battle, MAC Attack Note: I forgot to take pictures while I played so the pictures here are a recounting of the fishing trip I went on last week. I did take a few June 17, 2023 Alien RPG: Chariot of the Gods The following is a brief retrospective on the game and run for a group of 14 year-old students. I will not be using this time or space to comment June 4, 2023 Spending Time at the Table When sitting down to play a game, whether you’re playing a boardgame, a Collectable Trading Card Game, or a TTRPG, you are required to talk with the May 29, 2023 Down We Go into the Lair of the Frog God With a little over an hour to play, my Afternoon TTRPG group at school was missing three people. Our usual game of Alien RPG Chariot of the Gods May 20, 2023 New Game Preview: What Is It That Lies Beyond The Immenseness of the Dark? What Is It That Lies Beyond The Immenseness of the Dark? is a new and innovative game that is being written by Tomas Gimenez Rioja, Twitter, May 14, 2023 Painting 2mm Napoleonics Forgot to post these from a little while back. Here is a quick little overview of the process with pictures! For a reminder of why and what these May 7, 2023 Bastards. Bag Not since the great halflings of lore have our kind felt the need to travel as much as I. So I have decided that I need to have a game ready no April 29, 2023 Worldbuilding This will most likely become the first of a series of articles I post on worldbuilding and game running advice. I will be sure to link any new April 22, 2023 Whitehack, Two Hack, Three Hack, Four! The new edition of the Whitehack is now out in both digital and physical. TLDR: If you have never played Whitehack, it is worth it, drop the 15 April 20, 2023 An Emo adventure for Troika! This is dedicated to a younger me. One that screamed about my infidelities, a me that believed that all of October would be blue, and I would April 15, 2023 Creative Outlets I joined forces with a few friends to start creating an adventure (for bastards. but it really should be usable for any Old School game.) It was April 8, 2023 The Awards 2023 Recognition is often scarce beyond the small tribe of people you have gathered with for your TTRPG creative collectives. It is rare to be called out April 1, 2023 Missed a couple Here’s why! Life. But also I have been putting in my usual writing time into some hobby stuff. So here is a quick post with some pictures of those March 14, 2023 2mm wargaming (Update: Check out my Painting Journey here. This is a photo journal of painting my 2mm French Army) As I sit and peruse the internet for new gaming March 11, 2023 Creating Jam I missed the window for the cheap affinity purchase… oops. So I have not been creating things like I started a few months ago. This is unfortunate March 4, 2023 Gaming Labels OSR FKR NSR ASR These are all titles that describe a style of play or community of RPG people. Honestly this is not the deepest of dives into the February 25, 2023 Bastards. The game. I have been quiet for a while now. This is due to an inordinate amount of stress in my life. I get stressed and forget that this is actually January 28, 2023 Dungeon 23 and why I stopped, for now There are so many great dungeons floating around the internet right now. I am not one of those posting pictures each day. I am a few days (okay, January 14, 2023 Oh G… Whiz, also I made a thing. Well, everyone else has had a post/video/comment about it so why not the old halfling? If you are reading this and do not know about the recent January 7, 2023 TROIKA! awww Crapland It’s been a while since I have gotten to sit and play a game. When a friend (Spooky) offered to run a quick game of Crapland (PDF through Drivethru, January 1, 2023 #d23 Day 1 and a General Update Waiting to get in my journal, I am thinking about what to make. I will jot down a few notes today and continue to keep them together until my new December 17, 2022 Top 10 Patreon Creators I think You Should Support As a hobby gamer we often look to put our money towards those that we believe have similar ideals and we want to help live the dream. “_What dream December 3, 2022 How Many Attributes Are Enough When thinking about game design, the idea of Attributes for a character is one of the basic things many of us first learned about when we started in December 1, 2022 Bigfoot, UFOs, and #dungeon23 I started writing a post this weekend about some different Patterns you should follow. I have not stopped this post. I am half way through it and November 29, 2022 The Hardest Game to Play It makes me sad that I have all of these books but no one to play them with. In the meantime continue to look at the pipes I’ve made and hope that November 19, 2022 Troika! 3rd ed What does a third edition of Troika! Look like? Wait you mean it’s not a new edition? Then why is there a Kickstarter up? Oh, it’s for a new version November 19, 2022 Riding the Mastodon Twitter was already a dying platform. Then Elon bought it. I thought, like many, maybe it won’t be so bad, maybe this will be okay and Twitter will November 11, 2022 We Got the Rules Wrong What do you do when you are playing a game and frustrated with it on a level that you cannot really describe? You’ve been playing with a friend of November 6, 2022 The L. F. Stands for Luxurious and Fancy Recently your’s truly, the Halfling Master, received a copy of Blackoath Entertainment’s newest release, Sacrifice, as produced by the world’s October 29, 2022 Magic in Whitehack Magic casting is often a make it or break it for me in a game. One of my favorite systems comes from Whitehack by Christian Mehrstan. Whitehack is a October 22, 2022 Power Gaming with Kids! I work with children. 8th graders, so like around the 13-15 age. I was talking with a student the other day at recess and I was shocked to hear that October 15, 2022 Gaining a solo Token, Part of the Solo Series This will be the start of my solo game series. Now while this is not a solo game necessarily, it is a game that is GMless, and lets be honest, that October 8, 2022 Mazes: A Review Mazes was a series of zine sized books turned describing a game where each player only gets a single die for which to play the game with. The October 1, 2022 Golden Age of Khares This is a preview/review of Golden Age of Khares, currently being Kickstarted as of a few hours before this posting. I first was reached out to by July 10, 2022 Frostgrave: A review Warhammer looks like such a cool game, and I’m sure it is. There is a certain amount of mystery for me in what a game of Warhammer looks like, May 15, 2022 I was the Dungeon Hero Now I’m just another set of remains to be found by the next adventurer. Binglo the Halfling made it to adventure hook 68 of the first Adventure January 17, 2022 The Portal at Hill House, a Play Through Travis D. Hill and Lindi M. Farris-Hill bring us a game of cosmic horror, in a cute A6 booklet that comes in at 20 pages. Published by Press Pot October 24, 2021 School’s Back in Session… A Tomb Review It’s been a few months since school got back up and running. And let me tell you it has sucked all of my time, energy and will to be productive. September 6, 2021 #TTRPGRedList First off, all I can say is fuck those dudes. Seriously, making a list of TTRPG publishers who care about the world and the people living in it and August 26, 2021 Wormskin Questions, Updates and things to come I was asked a few questions about my Wormskin post this past week that I feel I should address. Then stay tuned for a quick update on a new section August 26, 2021 Wormskin and Why It’s Worth Your Cheddar. Gavin Norman has written a brilliant world for adventurers to visit. It is contained within 8 zine style book that can be purchased (at the time of August 25, 2021 Secret Projects, New Logo, and More… So welcome back my dear readers, today I wanted to talk quickly about a few secret projects… Or rather talk about what’s going on in my head as I August 18, 2021 Random Encounter Tables As I look into the future of tabletop gaming I see more and more random tables being produced. Is this a shift in play style back to the old ways or August 11, 2021 Battletech Where Have I been? So I recently stumbled across BattleTech. And my mind was blown! A hex miniatures game that gets down and dirty with all the parts of a giant Mech August 5, 2021 The Halfling Master Has Become I am rebranding. Rebranded is a super weird word, I used to hear it often in a corporate world job I held for about a decade. What does it mean to May 11, 2021 Much Needed update It has been a while. With a successful Kickstarter contribution under my belt and another (maybe more?) project on the horizon. I am looking for February 1, 2021 Harrowings 3 is live!!! There will be badass dwarfs, a 8 legged donkey, an old bumbling fool of a dwarf who will be your guide. Together you and you band of mostly cool January 31, 2021 Writing for the FKR DM Bizzy here again. I started this blog to be a place for people to get a little more of a glimpse into me and my gaming experience, beliefs and a January 29, 2021 And So Our Adventure Begins There will be badass dwarfs, a 8 legged donkey, an old bumbling fool of a dwarf who will be your guide. Together you and you band of mostly cool