November 29, 2022

The Hardest Game to Play

It makes me sad that I have all of these books but no one to play them with. In the meantime continue to look at the pipes I’ve made and hope that soon enough I’ll be able to try out some of these games. My play group has recently shrunk by one and with the birth of a new baby(not mine) we have not played any RPGs in too long. I hope that soon enough we can get back together and try something soon. The upside to this is that we do play more Magic during game nights, but the group has decided we do not want to play 1 Referee and 2 Players.

Serenity Now, Jerry!

Here is the list I want to run or play in. (In no particular order of course)

  • Bridlewood Bay
  • Trophy Dark
  • Trophy Gold
  • Cthulhu Dark
  • Troika!
  • Cairn
  • Into the Odd
  • Durf
  • Sacrifice
  • 24xx (any of them)
  • Into the Void
  • Vaults of Vaarn
  • Epic of Beans
  • Wyrd

And there are more that I can’t remember as I’m sitting away from my wall of games at the moment as I write this.

The pursuit is purely to give myself a whole lot of game time to decide what rules I truly enjoy the most. This could turn into a truly epic quest of just finding people crazy enough to let me play or run some of these.

So many of these share rules and other bits and pieces. It is time to play more RPGs. I need another person or two in my game group to make game nights more likely to get a game going and stay going

This would also give me an outlet for some of these modules and adventures to be run too.

Then I will be even better prepared to give more news, reviews and pieces of advice!

Derek Bizier, The Holding Back Halfling Master

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