May 7, 2023

Bastards. Bag

Have Games, Will Travel

Not since the great halflings of lore have our kind felt the need to travel as much as I. So I have decided that I need to have a game ready no matter where I go. I have chosen bastards. for some of the reasons that can be found here, but mainly because its so damn easy to bring on the go.

I bought a zipper bag from that matched my needs (I chose 12.5×8.5 but you could go smaller for a more compact travel case, I’m sure). These bags are made by real life people and they seem to have a pretty good ethics committee behind them so I did not mind supporting the artist who designed the bag.

My growing collection of bastards. adventures and supplements all fit very nicely in this bag.

Next I picked out a small bundle of dice that could easily be used for the game. I chose a full set of 7 polyhedral dice and then just bought a bunch of loose d6s and d20s. I ensured to get enough for 5+ people could easily sit around a table without needing to toss too many dice back and forth.

Now to storm the world with games. This bag weighs about 1 kg at this point, about 2 lbs, this is a guess I haven’t actually weighed it. This is not to say I will not ever play any other games, it just means that I will always have all of this to play with at any given time. The variety of adventures that I can travel with in A6 size is wonderful.

The amount of material available is also compressed with the minimalist nature of these adventures which allows me to carry around so much content that I could get stranded on a desert island and be able to play games for years before having to come up with new material.

For example lets look briefly at a full adventure crammed into such a small amount of real estate, Peak of Woe (24 pages, A6) is a Bastardized Classic of the worlds most whatever advanced dragon game” adventure module S2: White Plume Mountain (16 pages, A4 format). I can fit multiple adventures in the space that the original one book would take up.

Anyway feel free to share your mobile bastards. collections as well, or however you travel with games. I’d love to be tagged on socials to see your stuff!

Ramble on brothers and sisters.

Derek Bizier, the Halfling RPG Ready” Master

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