December 1, 2022

Bigfoot, UFOs, and #dungeon23

I started writing a post this weekend about some different Patterns you should follow. I have not stopped this post. I am half way through it and excited to continue. But I have also found out about this #dungeon23 thing.

First off, it is a challenge put forth by Sean McCoy of Mothership game. Sean has proposed that you can draw and write up a single dungeon room each day for the year, and by this time next year you will have yourself your very own mega dungeon.

I will be hopping on board and I will give you more information before i start.

In the meantime, Drew Cochrane and I have been getting out on all things cryptid and UFO. Here are some videos that we have been discussing the legitimacy of. Feel free to let me know what you think as well.

They’re here…
Photo by Slava MKRVSKY on

UFO Stuff

Yeah dude.
Photo by Gabe on

Bigfoot Stuff

More RPG related stuff coming soon. And jump on board the #dungeon23 train. I’ll be sharing my progress from time to time once it is underway.

Derek Bizier, The Halfling Squatch” Master

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