November 22, 2023

A Spectacle Preview

Disclaimer: I was provided a preview copy of the supplement, it was not fully finalized and details from this article may change based on editing, design and layout of the future product as it is still in production. All the views expressed here are my own. I was not compensated for this review.

UPDATE: There is also a Game Jam happening for Spectacular and Longshot City if your extra interested or looking for a little more from these comical spheres! check it out here Comical Spheres: Longshot City and Beyond Jam!

What is it?

Spectacle is a game supplement designed for use with the Troika! game system. It is a Sphere setting for the already vast universe connected to Troika! This A5 saddle stitched zine printed with a Black and White interior planned to be around 48 pages. More information can be found at the Kickstarter.

So why do you need another setting for Troika!? Simply put this book offers 36 new backgrounds for your players, 36 new creatures (occulants) to throw at your players for challenges, lots of random tables to help you along the way, and a setup for an Intergalactic Gladiatorial Fighting Arena, a spectacle to behold I’m sure!

Your characters are stolen from the many spheres that inhabit the planescape-esque default setting of Troika! So You could import any characters from any other game you have played of Troika! or you could create new Gladiators through the provided character backgrounds. As with many (most?) Troika! supplements this provides the bare minimum for a setting and asks that the players and the referee come up with many of the details to fully flesh out the world as play ensues.

I am reminded of Acid Death Worm, and obvious nod to Dune by Frank Herbert, saw many pieces of information but does not preclude a full on setting like one might imagine seeing is other setting specific game books. I like this. It allows for a game to have the premises that are implied through the character generation, enemies, and other provided snippets of information, while being flexible to allow a Referee the liberty of (I would even say encourage) creating more in the world. Or leave the details out, who cares, this one is about gladiatorial fights!

Who is making this?

Seth Ian is the lead on this one, with art from Mark Conway, Tony Jaguar is doing layout and Luke Gearing is editing. (though as these projects go I’m sure they will be mixing their talents and blurring the lines of what each takes on for roles).

Example Stuff

I would like to give a quick glance at a couple of my favorite pieces in the book.

As with most Troika! powered supplements a d66 roll will randomize your character creation. on a 35 you will find the Jaeger.

JAEGER: A grizzled warrior from frozen seas, you find yourself in an inhospitable technosphere. On your home Sphere, violence was an artistic pursuit practiced to perfection by Grand Masters. These devices are frustrating. Magicians are tiresome. The arena’ demeans the art of your people to which you are devoted. There is nothing for you on Spectacle.

Jaeger Character Background

A list of skills and items are provided to round out the character background. If you’ve read anything Troika! there should be no surprises on the layout of a character background.

d66 Occulants (enemies) are also provided and they have a full list of Miens (random reactions that are specific to that enemy) as in most Troika! Flavorful and again they give life to the intentions of the Eye.

Take for instance the Biosphere Occulant Its Miens do not specify that it will fight only that it may want to keep you under surveilance.


  1. Observant
  2. Engrossed
  3. Enthusiastic
  4. Austere
  5. Diligent
  6. Suspicious

Mein for Biosphere Occulant

All in all this delivers exactly what it is advertising, the ability to create a Gladiatorial Setting in Intergalactic Space where the contenders are pulled from their various worlds and forced to fight for the entertainment of the EYE. A randomized table for fighter Titles, a d68 encounter table and full out stat block for the EYE, leave you with just enough flavor to give loads of ideas for participating in the games.

Her is a couple pieces of preview art that were also provided. There is a specific pulp comic book theme throughout the art I’ve been privy to.

So there you have it for a few credits you can get onboard with the Kickstarter, if you are into Troika! then this should be a no brainer. Grab it! All Troika! stuff is just weird enough to be used anywhere along side other Troika! stuff. This is no different.

Pull from it for inspiration for run a Paranoia style space from the clutches of the EYE as you make your way to the controls only to have a final showdown with the EYE itself.

Or just work your party up the ladder of success in gladiatorial fights Mortal Kombat style, the ball is in your court.

Are you not entertained? Did I Mention there were gladiator fights?

Derek Bizier, the Halfling Maximus Decimus Meridius” Master

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