May 11, 2021

Much Needed update

It has been a while.

With a successful Kickstarter contribution under my belt and another (maybe more?) project on the horizon. I am looking for time to work soon My world will free up a bit, I am finishing up my work on a continuing education course.

This will soon be coming to an end. With less than a month left in my class I will be able to focus more closely on everything that I love about designing games, getting lost in music, coming up with new ideas for hours on end and then bringing my ideas to my friends for some quick idea jams.

This summer should prove to be fun as I take a deep dive into summer school at work and tackle a new role as Extended School Year (ESY) teacher. I expect to have plenty of time to work on the various projects I have ahead of me.

I will return with some more musings over a few things I've been meaning to write about. A few of the topics saved so far are

Miniatures: is 28mm Really Where It’s At?

Death in RPGs

Mörk Borg Musings

and many more! Keep coming back to see some more work as I get more time to devote to these musings!

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