August 5, 2021

The Halfling Master Has Become

I am rebranding. Rebranded is a super weird word, I used to hear it often in a corporate world job I held for about a decade. What does it mean to rebrand? Lets explore, I swear I will give you more about RPGs after this short discussion.

I was lost and didn’t know what to call my online presence. I branded myself as DM Bizzy. Well it made sense at the time since it incorporates my name’s initials and a clever play on a term often used by the world’s most popular table top RPG. It was formed on a whim, this time around I have sat with this conundrum of what do I was to have for a presence online within the RPG community.

After sitting for many months working on a couple small projects, not getting much accomplished and definitely not writing in my blog over at the DM Bizzy Blogspot page, I have come to realize I needed something that was more me. And nothing in fantasy game setting is more me than a good old Hobb…. Halfling, even though I call them the other thing in my home games, I knew I couldn’t use that trademarked word but the later was good enough for the rest of the gaming community so why not me!

The Halfling’s Hoard is my gift to the world a gaming where I will provide my outlooks and purview around the industry, specific books or settings, and any other musings that may come to the plate. I have a few saved started drafts that I will work to finish up and release, but for now subscribe and follow along as I attempt to make my mark on our small but amazing group of people out there.

I will also be working with a friend to help update the site and with the move I have set up ways to help remind me to write. I will be looking into a graphic to use along with my new Brand.

Also you should know I support all humans regardless of gender, color, creed or any other defining features of the people in our world. I support causes like BLM. I support the rights of all people and hope for the betterment of our society through facts, logic and science. My blog will not be focused around the rights of humans, however, I reserve the right to include anything in support of these groups and the hard work that they are putting forth to help our world grow and form a better commitment to our fellow humans. Love you all.

Derek Bizier, The Halfling Master

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