January 29, 2021

And So Our Adventure Begins

There will be badass dwarfs, a 8 legged donkey, an old bumbling fool of a dwarf who will be your guide.

Together you and you band of mostly cool dwarves will be on a mission to stop Ragnarök!


There is a lot of cool stuff planned for this so check it out and get ready for a mega dungeon like you've never seen before! Brought to you by Drew Cochran of EEpic of Dreams fame.

Oh and the rules are OSE comparable and we are making solo rules variants thanks to the Solo Guru Alex at Blackoath Entertainment

If we make it past our stretch goals I get to work more on a super secret project, so check it out and back if you can!

Many thanks to everyone else involved with this project.

Until next time, keep rolling dice and keep telling stories.

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