May 14, 2023

Painting 2mm Napoleonics

Forgot to post these from a little while back. Here is a quick little overview of the process with pictures! For a reminder of why and what these are being painted for check out my article on 2mm Wargaming.

So Tiny!

Need to get rid of all of this flashing!

There is all is!

Now we Organize them!

And glue them to craft sticks.
Regular white PVA Glue will do just fine.

Just like that they are white, rattle can white.
I use generic matte cans, nothing fancy.

Add some layers of color. I do not focus too much on detail. just coverage where I want and need it.
These will be my Horse Artillery.

Brown for the horses blue for the soldiers. Very simple technique.
There are some Calvary units. The different configurations on their bases will determine unit type. Though there are two different calvary units available here. These or the 8 wide units. There are also some 6 wide units with some more space between them.

A little light helps the process.

I forgot to show me painting the bases. I just gave them a primer coat of gray. Then start laying out the little soldiers in different ways to represent different unit types! Here we see the different Artillery types, Field Artillery in the front, Horse Artillery in the back.

Left to right: Light Infantry, Line Infantry, Elite Infantry, I am still working out how I want these to look and I have not glues these folks down yet. It is nice to try out different things, take a picture then come back and try something a little different until i figure out what I really want each unit to look like.

Then I painted the bases with some green. To represent grass, because grass is green.

Then a blue line around the outside, in case there is any questions about what army this is representing (blue for French.)

I hope you have enjoyed my little adventure in painting. I know I did, a few hours in total. about 5 but who is counting. Still lots to do and I have not even started the Red Army yet. The red army is actually the British because this is Napoleonics. Then some day I’ll buy a Russian army (to be painted green), a Prussian Army (to be painted black), and an Austrian-Hungarian Army (to be painted yellow).

I see this being a long journey to play. Do you think it will be worth it?”

Derek Bizier, the Halfling Emperor

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