March 14, 2023

2mm wargaming

(Update: Check out my Painting Journey here. This is a photo journal of painting my 2mm French Army)

As I sit and peruse the internet for new gaming things… Just kidding, Chris McDowell found this one for me. 2×2 Napoleonic, but Chris took it a step further and of course couldn’t help but help simplify the game to a point where it seemed impossible not to give it a try!

See his post here for more information. The rules (here is the current iteration, any changes should appear here as long as Chris keeps the rules public) are wonderfully simple and dynamic. I played a game with chits (made with my 5 year old) and it was just lovely.

Are these not he cutest? She spent a lot of time writing in the letters and then added the colored strips on the bottoms of each. I did have to touch up the red army or else there was no way I’d be able to tell what was what!

The rules got out of the way so I was not overburdened with all the +1s and -2s that often accompany wargaming. It was intuitive enough that I enjoyed the first game as a solo session that lasted just shy of an hour (after setup).

Don’t mind the pizza boxes… Here was the initial setup, the weird brown thing is supposed to be a hill.

Victory for red. It was decisive as they managed to route Blue’s HQ pretty early on.

So my next steps? Well I have ordered a couple sets of 2mm miniatures to setup. I’ve ordered from Irregular Miniatures and Will report back in once they have arrived.

I am looking forward to setting up my little 1×1 stands with all of the little people standing around getting ready to fight. I think I’ve ordered enough units to set up a few different armies. I hope to color them as red, blue, yellow, green, and black. This would very roughly coordinate with the colors of the major armies that were involved with the Napoleonic Wars.

Once I have painted these up I will potentially set up a mini campaign that I can use to play and test out the rules even further. I think that the 1×1 rules can provide enough to have a meaningful campaign between multiple nations at once, maybe even learn a little more history about the time period at he same time!

Derek Bizier, the Halfling Tiniest Wargaming General” Master

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