November 6, 2022

The L. F. Stands for Luxurious and Fancy

Recently your’s truly, the Halfling Master, received a copy of Blackoath Entertainment’s newest release, Sacrifice, as produced by the world’s craziest paper master L. F. OSR.

This is a beautiful pack of adventure awaiting you and your table. Meant for a two player experience it can be used to have whole party adventuring. The rules will be familiar to most and easy to pickup on as they are mainly an adaption of all of the different things you might expect of a D20 based game. The rules are pretty close to that Dragon game’s 5th edition mixed with Blackoath front man Alex T’s wonderful take on a brutal dark gritty medieval crusades fantasy, heavily inspired by the manga Berserk.

As seen above the production value, packaging, materials and whole presentation of the work is absolutely astonishing. There always feels like there is a little extra included in Leo’s packages, like opening a present and finding that your friend knew what you wanted better than you even thought you knew what you wanted for your birthday. The incense included in the package takes this to a whole new experience in gaming. Now I promised to, at some point, review Alex’s game Sacrifice, and I still plan to, but for the time being know that you should not sleep on picking up this product. If there are any left and you want a game that takes you on an adventure into a dark world run by a corrupt church, or if you just want to have an experience opening a package and exploring all of the intricate little pieces of this product, I would highly suggest grabbing one before they run out.

This is not a review for the system pictured above. No, this is a discussion of what Leo, front man for L. F. OSR, is doing for the hobby.

Leo takes the look and feel of any product he touches and puts a spin on it that works to enhance and empower the feeling of the RPGs he is producing. Working as a solo operation he painstakingly hand crafts each and every book that comes out of his store, with the exception of a few instances of curated products he has listed. These curated products are other creator’s works that he feels passionate about and feels are good for the hobby, a few examples of these would be the deluxe version of Vaults of Vaarn (which I will review at some point) or Mazes (Halfling’s Hoard review here).

On his site you will find works of art, books, zines, dice, stickers, business card games, bookmarks, cassette tapes and more. Everything you see here is handpicked and or hand created by Leo, he even has some original works as well like Lost Fantasy, a zine about creating other worlds inspired from sci fi art of the 70’s.

If you are looking for incredible work lovingly created from one of the coolest dudes around you need not look any further than this store. And it is a good idea to keep an eye out and check back frequently as the items for sale are often limited to a few hundred copies. Meaning that some items once sold out may not come back.

Leo sources papers that are beautiful and feel wonderful. Every piece of work I have touched of his makes me happy to be holding. And I realize that this is a weird statement, but i really do feel joy when holding and flipping through these books. It is not like holding any book I’ve ever felt before. There is a grittiness to the pages that grips well on the tips of my fingers and the pages never stick together like glossy pages do. This truly is an art that I hold in my hand

Is the description of these pages, this book?

If you are new to this hobby of TTRPGs. If you are looking for awesome production of finely crafted items. If you’re looking for nifty (possibly) collectible items. If you want to support one of the kindest people in the industry. Look no further than L. F. OSR.

Derek Bizier, the Halfling Master

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