September 6, 2021


First off, all I can say is fuck those dudes. Seriously, making a list of TTRPG publishers who care about the world and the people living in it and advising people not to play them? Who the hell are these fascists?

I made the mistake of hopping on twitter this morning and found a post about this RedList crap and just decided I needed to get a quick explosion of uncool out to the world, or at least the small subset of the world who will see this.

The list tells its readers to not play Mörk Borg because they reserve the rights to not allow printing of material based on their IP that would be racist. That is totally a reason to not play a game… (yeah to be abundantly clear this is sarcasm, I feel I should really let it be known since this is a written medium). This is only a single example of the atrocities on this list.

This is a steaming pile of horseshit and anyone who actually believes that this is okay is welcome to not read my blog. Calling out companies for following their beliefs and supporting human rights movements is definitely not okay in my book.

Sure you may not like their cause, but can you just sit back and be a fascist in your own living room without having to spill your drivel all over RPG forums?

When did it become okay to open up your mouth and say don’t support these guys because they won’t let me be racist?” Seems like a pretty narrow view of the world.

Please why don’t you add Halfling’s Hoard to the Red List now and someday please don’t play the game that I eventually write because there is no room for that shit in my world view. Everyone should be loved and allowed to love whom they want. No person should feel belittled because you don’t agree with what they believe. Yes, I see the irony in my statement, and no I do not take it back. Go sit in your garage with your confederate flags and swastikas and stay out of my space, no one needs to be subjected to your hate.

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All are welcome in my neck of the woods unless you are unwilling to let others live their best life.

Seriously though I hope that if you feel this hate running through you then you have an experience that opens your eyes to the real world for what it is and leave the hate behind. We are much happier on this side of the fence, please do join us after the hate fades. We are inclusive and will welcome you in.

This is a short one because I don’t want to give them any more press than they already have gotten. I will not link to the post about this and I hope everyone who reads this is inspired to get on the RedList because it means we are doing the right thing.

Derek Bizier, The Halfling Master

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