January 31, 2021

Writing for the FKR

DM Bizzy here again. I started this blog to be a place for people to get a little more of a glimpse into me and my gaming experience, beliefs and a general idea of what to expect from me in the future.

What better way to see and learn who I am as a writer then to see what I’ve written and helped with in the past. So here is the first issue of the Free Kriegsspiel Revolution zine entitled The Neverending Drachenschwanz (hereafter referred to as TND). I wrote an article on Goblins and Zeppelins because I felt that there was a lack of fantasy being represented in the maiden issue of TND. And I love my fantasy. It is my first love when it comes to playing TTRPG games. My second love is Science Fiction Horror, I'm thinking the original Alien movie. But I digress.

The FKR zine TND was a place that I figured I could contribute and see how I liked seeing my work out in the world. It gave a me a large boost of confidence in my ability to put something together and really test how I would feel about making things for the hobby I have loved for so long. Also my drawing skills were tested for this, and by and large I was happy with the drawings I produced, though in the future I may leave drawing to the professionals.

I should say it is no surprise, I loved it! Seeing the thoughts and work I had created passed around in the community (the TND zine was even mentioned in a Glatisant newsletter!) How could I not be excited, my debut piece was included in one of my RPG hero's newsletters! This was met with the opportunity to continue writing for the second issue, which I will post once we have passed our week long grace period.

I have also jumped on the opportunity to write for the FKR zine entitled In-Play. I did not contribute to the first issue, but I was able to contribute a little something included in the second issue, I am not sure when it will be out, but rest assured that when it does I'll be sure to write about and link it here.

And in case you are reading this and have no idea what the FKR is let me give you a little preview.

The FKR is a movement towards simplifying gaming and bringing it back to a simpler time when the game master created a world to play in while removing the worry and concern of rules for the players. Some call it Arnesonian Gameplay since David Arneson was one of the first to really bring the style to the table for non wargamers. Also a topic for another post in the future.

For now I wish to leave you with one more link if you interested in learning more about the Free Kriegsspiel Revolution. Here is a link to Darkworm Cult, a blog by the founder of the FKR Discord. Without his starting the TND zine, I may not have ever found it within myself to produce anything. So to Norbert, if you ever read this then I thank you.

Until next time, keep rolling dice and keep telling stories.

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