November 19, 2022

Troika! 3rd ed

What does a third edition of Troika! Look like?

Wait you mean it’s not a new edition?

Then why is there a Kickstarter up?

Oh, it’s for a new version of the same numinous edition that came out a few years back!

Great a softcover version will make the game even more accessible than it already was, that sounds wonderful!

I know it’s a super simple rules light game with just enough crunch to give you loads of fun for one shots and campaign style play.

I realize this is a weird blog post. Yes, but it makes sense for this game I think.

TROIKA! The Science-Fantasy Roleplaying Game, via @Kickstarter

Derek Bizier, the Halfling, Cacogen, Skill 5, Stamina 20, Luck 13, Master

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